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Why antz21


For a firm

  • Specialised knowledge and experience is hireable
  • Risk minimisation through expert knowledge and extensive network
  • Employees can continue to concentrate on core competencies
  • Time savings on routine tasks
  • Higher degree of variability and flexibility
  • Creation of additional (temporary) capacity
  • Improved planning capabilities/meeting deadlines/governance
  • Transparent service and costs structure

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For marketing and sales

  • Feasible/viable and calculable actions and campaigns
  • Profit optimisation through target-group-oriented address and support strategy
  • Cost savings through reduction of wastage
  • Development of new sales potentials
  • Competitive advantage through creative input and innovation
  • Innovative and analysis based marketing and sales strategies especially tailored to the 21st century

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Goals of antz21

The main priority of our services is to create steady added-value either for a firm, product or service. This value should not only be dynamic and up-to-date but also reliable as times change.

Only reliability generates confidence and trust – not only valued by clients engaging our services but also by the customers of our clients. Confidence is the only solid base of any relationship. This solid base also determines future sustainability.

Sustainability is a value which you can expect from our cooperation. You will be able to measure our effectiveness and efficiency.

Service-orientation is the core of our image: entrepreneurial conceptualization and implementation is practiced in delivering services and this in turn delivers value to our customers.

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Academia Involvement

antz21 promotes education through lectures/workshops/internships and thesis writing at the following institutes:

  • University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • University of Leuven
  • Eurandom Eindhoven
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Dortmund
  • University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
  • University of Applied Sciences Villingen-Schwenningen
  • University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
  • University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg
  • Participant in national specialised committee of DIHK for  IT Consultant
  • DIHK Auditor for: IT Consultant, Project Manager

in the fields of Business Administration, Business Intelligence, CRM, Data Mining, Data Management, Marketing and Sales.

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Engagement in Organisations and Societies

antz21 participates actively in many associations, organisations and conferences in the pursuit of highly qualitative and innovative marketing and analysis solutions.

  • President ENBIS (European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics)
  • Chair of Working Group Data Mining in ENBIS
  • Co-founder and Co-Chairperson of the annual ICDM (Industrial Conference in Data Mining)
  • Member of DDV (German Direct Marketing Association)
  • Member of Ortenau Region Marketing Club
  • Member of BDS (Group of independents)
  • Member of BRANTA
  • Authors of varying range of publications

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Summary of Projects

(summary in alphabetical order)

  • Automobile manufacturers: Analysis and forecast of customer behaviour. Development of purchase probability models.
  • Automobile manufacturers: Business Intelligence (Monitoring and Basis score of the customer base).
  • Automobile manufacturers: Enhancement of the forecast process within operations (Data Mining).
  • CRM Service Provider: DBM und CRM Consulting representing the Business Intelligence department.
  • CRM Service Provider: Setup of Marketing Automation Systems for ASP-Application
  • Financial Service Provider: As-is / target analysis and architecture concept for a Data Warehouse
  • Internet Service Provider: Setup and enhancement of Targeting Systems using Data, Text and Web-Mining.
  • Mail order house: Analysis and conception for the setup of Marketing Information Warehouse.
  • Mail order house: Reporting Systems and Customer Satisfaction Index as well as in-house training
  • Mail order house: Selection and control of address brokers, coordination of internal and external address alignment and qualification
  • Mail order house: Integration of external firm addresses in the existing DW
  • Media and publishing house: Setup and implementation of internal Customer Care Centre.
  • Media and publishing house: Extraction and Migration of Database-Marketing Systems.
  • Media and publishing house: Extraction, Training and Supervision of external Call-Centre.
  • Media and publishing house: Implementation and application of Data Mining methods in forecasting customer behaviour; concentration on customer churn.
  • Media and publishing house: Employee coaching in Data Mining and the implementation of the diverse products of SAS.
  • Media and publishing house: Development and setup of service and customer loyalty to creation of added values for existing customers.
  • Media and publishing house: Development and implementation of a Marketing Reporting System.
  • Media and publishing house: Development of Product and Merchandising Strategies.
  • Media and publishing house: Definition of innovative product and sales strategies based on trend and future analysis.
  • Media and publishing house: Identification of new sales fields and growth potentials in the differing publishing segments.
  • Media and publishing house: Devising innovative Marketing and Sales strategies to optimise the conversion quota and reduce physical loads.
  • Media and publishing house: Pricing-Project to define the optimal pricing strategies in differing product and market segments.´
  • Retailers: Employee coaching in CRM, Data Mining and Marketing.
  • Retailers: Enhancement of CRM-Data marts.
  • Retailers: Setup of the available SAS-Applications in steering dialogues with customers.

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