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Who are antz21

Our core competencies are customer analysis and distribution optimisation. We enable your company to move more successfully in saturated markets and simultaneously get to grips with marketing costs by means of Information Based Selling. Through ongoing focus on your customers, their needs and behaviour.

  • What inspires your customer?
  • What can you learn from existing data?
  • How do markets develop?
  • What criteria are relevant for segmentation?
  • When will your customers amortize?
  • How can you reach your customers and potential customers?

We support you in asking the important questions and find the answers to keep your company on a successful way.






Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe


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Breaking News:

26.01.09 14:01

Kunden begeistern mit Ihrem täglichen Schriftverkehr

Haben Sie schon Ihre Korrespondenz als höchst effizientes Marketinginstrument fü...

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