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The shortest route


Ants mark the way to a source of food in order to quickly find their way back to the nest and to point other ants in the right direction. Obstacles are overcome by building a bridge with their bodies, over which the rest of the ant population can walk. They constantly optimise their behaviour to reach their destination in the best possible way.

Which is the most intelligent way to achieve your goals?
How can you best apply your core competences?

antz21 Services: Strategy

antz21 supports you in actively using your resources for your commercial goals and finds straightforward, innovative and effective solutions.


Strategies for:

  • Customer and Target Groups
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Communication (online and offline)
  • Product and Price
  • Trends and Innovations

Customers and Target Groups

antz21 Customers and Target Groups Strategy

Based on the analysis of your customer data and/or customized market research and observations, we develop strategies for organization, retention and long-term satisfaction of your customers. We successfully engage in differentiated marketing by rigorously having in mind the net value creation for your customers. You gain a much better understanding of your customers' needs and demands, and your target groups opt for your products and services faster and more readily.

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Marketing and Sales

antz21 Marketing and Sales Strategy

Together with you, we define the particular strength and unique selling points of your products and services – so that you can position your brand successfully and maximize the profits from your products and services. With innovative ideas, we enable you to define your company vis-à-vis your competitors. Through the application of test scenarios, we ascertain the validity of your strategies. The use of available synergies enables implementation of strategies which are results oriented.

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Communication (online & offline)

antz21 Communication (online & offline) Strategy

We plan, design and realise your campaigns with one clear objective – to innovatively communicate your unique selling proposition directly to your specific target group. By activating new channels, especially through the coordinated use of Web 2.0 technologies such as online-shops, viral marketing, social networking, blogs, forums, and wikis – you can spread your reach to your target groups worldwide. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and through the structured approach of our team of experts, powerful strategies of communication can be unfolded across a wide range of media.

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Product and Price

antz21 Product and Price Strategy

Through test markets, user tests and group discussions we determine threshold prices, product bundling, discounts and specifications. Based on prior analyses, we develop up and cross selling strategies with the objective of adapting your product portfolio to your customers' needs and to arrive at the best pricing model.

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Trends and Innovations

antz21 Trends and Innovations Strategy

The values of our society are changing – in social, economic, technical and cultural terms. We observe which trends lead to new markets and what customers expect from new products, brands and services. We work together with you to conceptualise new business models, shape new forms of communication and guide you throughout the re-launch phases.

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