Implementing plans cleverly and quickly.

Success through teamwork


Ants can carry weights 40 times their own body weight. In a community of ants, a population of millions, these enormous powers work together perfectly. Highly specialised individuals take care e.g. of nest-building, offspring, transportation, communication or energy supply. Even the most difficult tasks are mastered with group intelligence.

What synergies can be achieved in your company?
How can you optimize the implementation of your ideas?

antz21 Services: Implementation

antz21 supports you in the implementation of your projects, contributes the required competences and optimises the interaction of individual strengths in partnership with you.


Implementation in the form of:

  • Fullservice/Outsourcing
  • Support/Consulting
  • Interim Management
  • Training/Coaching


antz21 Fullservice/Outsourcing Implementation

Through a continuous platform of exchange with you, we perform all marketing and sales tasks, from market analyses to the measurement of success. Experienced experts with a range of qualifications work to ensure the further success of your company – transparently, passionately and meticulously. We keep you regularly updated about all measures, so that you are able to make the necessary decisions. That frees you to concentrate on your key competences.

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antz21 Support/Consulting Implementation

We accompany and support you with projects, via on site consulting or consulting your marketing department from a distance. From planning and choosing the right CRM-systems to measurement of success, you will receive all the support necessary for your project. We provide the expertise that you need so that you operate during periods of peak activity without additional risks. In addition, you are able to reap the benefit of our project management experience and optimize your own processes.

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Interim Management

antz21 Interim Management Implementation

When establishing new businesses, acquiring other businesses, in situations of crisis, or working through temporary staffing vacancies, we can provide the management of your marketing and sales department. Success-oriented and analysis-based, we work towards achieving your company's goals. Here, the specialized qualifications and years of industry experiences of our experts are put into action.

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antz21 Training/Coaching Implementation

We coach your employees – for instance, when you are introducing new CRM- or reporting systems, new customer care programs, or when optimizing processes. You can successfully switch to a new system quickly and easily, reducing your long term costs. Our team are also available to support and coach external service providers, for example agencies, from the first briefing to the final measurement of success.

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