Evaluating and continuing to develop projects and campaigns.

Reflecting and projecting


Ants learn with their sense of touch and smell traces. Information on relevant sources of food, potential assailants or temperature changes spread like wildfire. In the process of confirmation by further ants a piece of information gets passed on.

How can your advertising efforts and marketing investments be assessed?
How are you able to draw the correct conclusions from your experience?

antz21 Services: Controlling

antz21 helps you to check and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns via response and control mechanisms.


Controlling of:

  • Marketing Activities/Campaigns
  • Projects
  • Service Providers

Marketing activities/campaigns

antz21 Marketing activities/campaigns Controlling

To evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign, we use specialized instruments and methods, such as forecasting, media observation, surveys, and panels or check lists. Utilizing campaign management and distinct response elements, we analyze the goals that are crucial to your operation. Larger campaigns will benefit from the use of pre-tests. You receive meaningful information about the steps you take, and important ideas for your next move.

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antz21 Projects Controlling

We measure the success of your projects, through reporting, benchmarks, analyses of media response, or customized surveys. For the controlling of communication projects, we also use instruments such as Communication Target Card (CTC) and Corporate Communications Scorecard. These instruments define the targets that have to be met as well as the variables that influence the success of your project. Through careful planning, operating and controlling, you can efficiently manage, for example, customer loyalty programs.

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Service Providers

antz21 Service Providers Controlling

Through the use of reports and target-performance analyses, we are also able to measure the performance and efficiency of service providers. We consult with you to select a qualified service provider, to create a precise briefing, to review and see through project management as well as the over-all performance and evaluate the service deliverance of the service provider.

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