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Ants are mobile and adaptable. They are found in tropical rain forests and in the Artic Circle, in high mountains and in the desert. They find intelligent strategies to successfully build their communities in any climate or geographical environment.

Which challenges does your company face?
How can you react to the trends in your market?

antz21 Services: Conception

antz21 develops solutions with you which are optimally adapted to the current position and goals of your company.



Concepts for:

  • Design
  • Text
  • Brand


antz21 Design Conception

We design and realize your corporate design, your campaign and the promotional activities. With highly refined artistic and technical skills, our designers develop concepts that make your market presence a true "eye catcher". We arrange images, graphics and colours to convey your unique selling proposition and develop your brand name.

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antz21 Text Conception

With great sensitivity for the language of your target group, we conceive promotional texts, plan the newsletters, or team up with you to develop a slogan that will successfully spread your vision and the key message you want to convey. Vivid and coherent language is crucial in defining your brand. Complex correlations are turned into clear messages through our text services and particular words become associations linked to your company.

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antz21 Brand Conception

Based on target group, product and market analyses, we assist you in your brand management. We develop through intensive consultations and workshops, the core features of your brand and create a whole set of experiences revolving around it. Relevant product characteristics become charged with emotional value. Guided by clear concepts for communication, an original presentation will place your brand into the relevant set of your target group. Through market awareness, the value of your brand will steadily increase.

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